Blogger Search Capabilities

12/17/04 Update: I'm still not getting any results returned when I search through the blogger banner. When I get some time, I'll try the other option that blogger recommends, but I think my blog still needs to be in the google index for that option to work.

I'm trying to enable search capabilities on my blog. I tried searching for articles using the search box in the blogger banner at the top of my blog. I wasn't getting any results, so I checked Blogger help. There was a note there that said that "if you are not getting any search results, it is probably because your site is not in the google index." Then, it gave me a link to the google page where I could nominate my site for inclusion into the index. I did just that. However, the google page said that there were no guarantees on if or when my site would appear in its index. I would think that it would show up since blogger is part of google. However, I have no clue. I still can't return any results for my search. I'll try again tomorrow. Blogger help also suggested another google tool, but I think that the banner search box works via this other tool, so I'll just use the banner box, if I can get it to work.


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