eBay Sales

Saturday, I finally got around to listing my education textbooks on eBay. It was only my second time ever attempting to list items on eBay for sale. I got frustrated when I was repeatedly asked for my credit card number, even after I had already entered it. However, the process went smooth overall. I have been watching the auction of my four books over the past few days, and there wasn't any action on them----until today!! Now, I've got bids on two of the books with a minimum sales take of over $50 (assuming the buyers are good).

Maybe I can find a bunch of stuff to sell on eBay, and then retire at age 35.


Sharon Jo said…
That would rock, honey! Keep selling! S
Jay said…
Got here in roundabout fashion (via Byzantium's Shores), and just wanted to make sure you were aware of KC Bloggers. Look forward to seeing you at a meetup sometime ...

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