The Human Genome

It is easy to quickly passover articles with titles containing words like genome, biomedicine, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, etc. However, if read carefully, such articles can be exciting and rewarding. The subject of genetics has always been of interest to me. It was even one of my majors in undergraduate school, for one semester, before I decided it was too "scientific" for my taste. The advent of sophisticated databases and data-analysis technology along with scientifc discoveries related to the human genome create a historically unique opportunity for an understanding of the genetic makeup of the human body.

Some of my understanding and thoughts:

Mapping of the human genome is a pivotal event in human history that revolutionizes scientific thought.

Humans share a great number of genes with other species. Fruitflies are our long lost cousins.

Human beings are 99.9% genetically identical.

We share more than 90% of our genes with a mouse.

Approximately 24K proetin genes are created by the human genome????
Some of these 24K genes are shared with other organisms, e.g. fruitflies.

Disease susceptability genes are being identified.

What is the difference between genes and DNA?

Diseases are beginning to be defined according to genes rather than the historical definition according to organ system of origination and symptoms.

Genetic companies could be a lucrative area for investment in the coming years.

The Stowers Institute in Kansas City performs genetic research.


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