Plotting one's life

Sean links to a post by Erik Benson that explains how he is plotting the datapoints of his life on a graph to determine possible relationships between various variables and his mood. Given my tendency to write everything down in my planner and to track habits in my own life, I was naturally drawn to such an initiative. I don't know if I'd go so far as to graph my data, but Erik is obviously a kindred compulsive soul when it comes to trying to understand his life. Thanks for the reference to the post, Sean.

There are also some good links to mood sites in the comments to Erik's post.

By the way, does anyone know if there is a way to enable automatic links in blogger? For example, when I type Sean's name, I like to link to his weblog. My method for doing this currently is to go back to Sean's weblog, copy the web address, go back to blogger and use the link icon to paste the web address. Is there a way to automatically associate a link with certain words that I type, so that every time I type the word Sean, it defaults with a link to his page? This would be a cool feature. Anyone advice on handling links in a more efficient manner?


Sean said…
i don't know of anything more efficient. as far as i know, that's just the ante for html...

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