Rant Of The Day

Companies continuously attempt to prompt their customers toward web services, touting the time saving benefits. However, very few companies have web services that end up saving me time. One example I dealt with today is my health care plan, Lumenos. I was trying to log into the secure area of the web site, but my user ID and password were not working. I called the toll free number to discuss the problem. To the company's credit, I did not have to wait long on hold. The representative gave me a new user ID and password. I tried it. It did not work. I called again. Same routine. Granted, I should have stayed on the phone until I got it to work. However, that is beside my point. I don't want to have to deal with any of this stuff when I want service. I expect things to work the first time I try. High expectations, I realize. But that is my perogative with the fees my health plan charges me!


Sean said…
they're not really trying to save you time. they're trying to save them, and you (a little) money. people are the most costly business expense - personnel. so they make it hard to get to a person and easy to get to the web.

this kind of 'customer non-service' is the demon child of 80s 'right-sizing'. send your complaint to Jack Welch. the number companies care about is the bottom line, particularly their number on the Street, if they're listed.

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