Ricky Williams

The AP reports today that Ricky Williams has rejected NFL terms for his reinstatement to the league, and is not planning to return for the 2005 season. He is, presumably, retiring "for good." However, I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing again sometime.

There are generally two schools of thought on Ricky Williams:
1. He is a dumb, drug-addicted, idiotic moron who passed up millions of dollars and fame so that he could go smoke weed in The Outback.
2. He is a courageous soul that is tired of living his life on the terms of other people and is to be commended for turning his back on more material wealth (he already has plenty of it) so that he can follow his heart.

I happen to be in the second camp. I read a great article in the December issue of Esquire about Ricky. He is a smart guy that is concerned with deep, philosophical questions. Although his physical skills fit football perfectly, in his entirety he is a mismatch with the NFL. I wish him luck.


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