Roethlisberger vs Manning

Despite most people giving courteous and professional opinions about Eli Manning's early struggles (e.g. his team stinks), I still think Big Ben will be a better quarterback over the long term. He has a physical advantage over Eli. He obviously has leadership skills, and now he is at least a half year ahead in experience. The one thing we don't know is how Big Ben will handle adversity when it comes his way. Eli is getting that chance now.

It should be an interesting juxtaposition of the two quarterbacks on the field tomorrow.

Personally, I still think Manning's refusal to go to San Diego should have raised considerable questions about his character and leadership attributes. It is poetic to see San Diego (Rivers) and Pittsburgh (Roethisberger) enjoying such success while the Giants (Manning) stumble badly. Hopefully, Eli has more going for him than his family name.


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