Steelers vs Jags

I've been waiting for this game all season, because it is the only primetime game the Steelers have on their schedule this year (they did get an earlier primetime game courtesy of a hurricane in Florida forcing the kickoff of their contest with Miami into the evening hours.) We are going to watch it at a new bar & grill in the Northland named The Brass Rail. Lynae was there a few weeks ago, and she thought it would be a good place to watch a game. Normally, I don't like watching games at places other than Minsky's, because Minsky's has so many TVs, I know we will always get the Steeler game with volume. Plus, we are regulars at Minsky's. But, for MNF and other primetime games, I like to branch out.

I was surprised to read today that Jason Gildon is playing for the Jags. I don't know how I missed that news. It should be fun to watch him play, though I hope he doesn't have too much success against us. Gildon is one of my favorite Steelers from the past 10 years. I was sorry to see him released in the offseason.

I have a good feeling about the game. I think that it is going to be higher scoring than recent games, but that the Steelers will prevail. I think that Cool Hand Ben will continue to play smart, minimizing turnovers and coming up with big plays when they are most needed. The Steelers haven't won in Jacksonville often. I think they've only won there one time. If all goes well, they will win there TWICE this season, with the second win coming on February 6, 2005.

Let's go Steelers!!!!


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