Teen Pregnancy

Daily KOS, a liberal website by any standard, has an interesting chart showing that teen pregnancy is more prevalent in the states that voted Republican, a.k.a. "red states."

It is interesting, and amusing to some degree, that the northeast liberals so vilified by conservative Republicans evidently practice the moral values preached by such conservatives better than the conservatives themselves. Of course, it is probably the liberal infiltraters in the south that are having evil sex and getting pregnant while the conservative stalwarts in the northeast are responsible for the low incidence of teen fornication.


Sean said…
another interpretation here (and the one i think is right), is that teens in red states are less likely to use birth control (especially something _really_ effective like the pill) and _much_ less likely to get an abortion. if they have a child they're more likely to get help from their family (though there can be a moral stigma).

another argument is sociological: could it be that red state teens are more likely to accept a child as a valuable part of their future life, while blue state teens would not, intent on career, education, etc?

i'm painting with incredibly broad strokes here, so please forgive and take in the spirit it's intended. i'll confess to any overgeneralization.

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