War Rumblings

Iraqi Leader Criticizes U.S.-Led Coalition by MICHAEL McDONOUGH, Associated Press Writer
File this under the category "with friends like this, who needs enemies."

McCain Has 'No Confidence' in Rumsfeld by BETH DeFALCO, Associated Press Writer
Question: Why did McCain support President Bush's re-election campaign on grounds that he was an effective prosecutor of the war on terrorism if he had 'no confidence' in Bush's secretary of defense whom W. stands by through thick and thin? We know that McCain differs with much of Bush's domestic agenda and his cronyism from their primary battles in 2000. Stories like this leave me more unlikely to support McCain in the future. I would have gained enormous respect for him had he not openly supported President Bush. His choice to do so appears to be a calculated political move designed to attract some of Bush's supporters for 2008. Not the type of 'maverick' that attracted me in 2000. At the same time, his criticism of Rumsfeld is welcome. Anyone that can help to drive the neo-con warriors out of office is to be commended. And, when it comes down to it, at this point, McCain is one of the few high profile public figures that I would cast a vote for in 2008. I just have a feeling that his support of Bush is going to work more against him than he calculated.


Sean said…
i think the reason is that McCain really is a Republican and wants to continue to work within that system, though he sometimes breaks ranks.
Eric said…
Hi Sean--

I agree. McCain does not want to leave the Republican party, and I don't blame him for that. I think that he embodies many of the principles that make the Republican party appealing to many people (including me, when the right people are in charge of it). However, I feel that his endorsement of Bush was a break from his principles, if not from his party. I don't necessarily think he should have endorsed Kerry, but he seemed to be 'playing politics' by endorsing Bush, his former nemisis. Of course, it is politics, so maybe I shouldn't be so critical of him. I was just very taken by his maverick approach to campaigning in 2000, and his subsequent fighting of the establishment over the next few years that I began to expect to always agree with him. He campaigned so vehemently against Bush in 2000, and Bush's type of aristocratic politics. For sure, I would like to see McCain remain a Republican and have him and his allies gain more of an influence within his party, which I perceive to be currently pursuing the wrong policies. Of course, about 60 million people (in this country alone) disagree with me.

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