2004 AFC Championship Game, Patriots vs. Steelers, January 23, 2005

What to say about tomorrow night's game? Naturally, I've been thinking about the game all week long. I am far from a shortage of thoughts raging through my head regarding some of the things I have read, seen or thought about with respect to this classic matchup of teams that combined in the regular season for 29 wins. But, I don't think I'll write too much. Different people have different opinions. Stats can be cited to support any viewpoint. I will say this:

Personally, I am more excited than I am nervous. I just want the game to begin, because I think it is a great matchup. I am not necessarily predicting that it will be an NFL classic for the ages, because ANYTHING could happen. However, it certainly has the ingredients for a historic type of game.

The Patriots are favored, and the Steelers don't seem to be receiving the majority of votes from the 'analysts.' However, this Steelers team (like the Patriots, I might add) are extremely well-coached and focused. I don't think any of the numbers and predictions swirling around them are going to have much impact on the actual outcome of the game. The two teams are so evenly matched, it is hard to truly say that one team is better than the other. The Patriots have the playoff experience, but the Steelers are playing at home.

We'll be watching the game in St. Louis at the Marriott, as we prepare for our vacation to Mexico. Our plane leaves St. Louis at 6 AM Monday morning. I hope that we are exuberant and looking forward to a Steelers super bowl party upon our return. However, if things go badly, we will have a nice week in the sun to lick our wounds. But I don't think that will happen. I've got a good feeling about tomorrow's game. Of course, there are millions of fans for both teams with their own 'feelings'. Strangely, I am more confident in a win tomorrow than I was for several past AFC championship games, in which the Steelers were heavy favorites (and subsequently lost, or barely won.) Let's do it!!

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!!


Anonymous said…
unfortunately, the Steelers didn't play their best. Bill Cowher and Andy Reid are tied at 1-4 in Championship games. ugh.

anyway, sorry for you, better luck next time, and enjoy the sun!

- Sean
tjirwin said…
Oh the humanity!

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