Adios, Estados Unidos!! Hola, Puertos de Aventureros

We are departing KC tomorrow at noon. We would leave earlier, but I am scheduled to be a lector at church at the 11:00 mass. We will try to leave right after mass so that we can be sure to arrive in St. Louis to settle into the Marriott in plenty of time before the Steelers kickoff at 5:30.

Our plan leaves from St. Louis at 6 AM Monday morning, so we will need to be at the airport around 4 or 4:30, since we need to go through customs. Early! However, we will all be super-excited, and I don't anticipate anyone will have trouble getting out of bed.

We will be spending an entire week at an all-inclusive resort in Puertos de Aventureros, Mexico. We plan to swim, bask on the beach, visit some ruins, tour a rainforrest, swim with dolphins, snorkel and potentially scuba-dive.

It will most likely be dark on Streams of Consciousness for a little over a week, unless I can find an Internet connection to give periodic updates. However, if I don't get a chance to write while I am in Mexico, I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about when I get back.

Until then, Vaio con Dios y Adios!


Anonymous said…
sorry about the Steelers, Eric. but they'll be good again next year, right?

anyway, have a great time in Mexico! *glowers jealously*

(and it's 'vaya con Dios' (go with God). to vaio con Dios has something to do with a Sony laptop ;-)
Anonymous said…
that was from me, by the way

- Sean

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