Audio Posting

Hmmmm, I made some audio posts earlier this evening that have not shown up on my blog yet. It's been at least 5 hours since I've called. I don't really miss them, because they were mostly trivial posts, but it does make me wonder if using audio blog is always a reliable service. I would hate to make an important post, and then not have it show up. Of course, such are the risks of technology. My guess--they are probably suspended in cyberspace somewhere, and will appear on my blog in the near future.


Anonymous said…
from Sean:

have they posted yet? are they the mark cuban and ss posts or something else? sometimes audioblogger posts don't appear in site feeds or in lists of titles b/c you can't give them a title. i go back in and title mine later. am i onto something here or not?
Anonymous said…

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