The buzz over satellite radio

CNET's quick guide to satellite radio - CNET reviews

CNET's quick guide to satellite radio - CNET reviews

I seem to be hearing more and more about satellite radio. My dad even bought some Sirius stock. I don't know much about this concept. I don't listen to much radio--mostly NPR, of which I could really care less about the sound quality. Sometimes reception is a problem, but not often. The biggest area that interests me is sports. Both XM and Sirus have been contracting with major sports leagues to allow the broadcasting of games. This would come in handy for listening to Pirate games in the summer. In recent years, I have been listening to the Pirate games over the Internet at home. A satellite radio tuner would theoretcially allow me to listen to games in more places. Then again, with my new wireless network at my house, I'm not so tethered to my desktop computer for Internet access. Some of the receivers and services seem relatively cheap. This might be something I would try out if I didn't have to sign a long-term contract for service. The two major players (competitors) are XM Radio and Sirius. Hopefully they engage in an all-out subscription war similar to the one the cell phone industry fought a couple of years ago, where you could basically get a free phone as longs as you signed up with a particular carrier. Maybe XM and/or Sirius will offer (or already do offer) serious discounts on equipment and/or service to gain subscribers.


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