Curtis Martin a football star by accident--from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

AFC Playoffs / The Jets: Curtis Martin a football star by accident

Today's Post-Gazette ran a dossier on Curtis Martin. I have always been a Curtis Martin fan, and this article increased my respect for him. It is interesting to hear such an excellent running back say that football is not his "life." It's reminiscient of Ricky Williams. Believe it or not, to some of these guys, football is just their job, albeit a high-paying job in some cases. On the surface, it is surprising to learn that Curtis didn't follow the Steelers when he was growing up in Pittsburgh. However, upon further reflection, when you think about his difficult circumstances growing up, you can understand how football wouldn't be all that important. He says that New York is his new home. I wish that he would make Pittsburgh his future home, but I'm sure that he will always have a positive connection with the people of Pittsburgh. I hope the Steelers beat his team tomorrow, but I like Curtis Martin.


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