Great Performances . Leonard Bernstein's "Candide" in Concert | PBS

Great Performances . Leonard Bernstein's "Candide" in Concert PBS

I clipped a review from People maganize a few days ago regarding this PBS showing of "Candide." It caught my attention because I recently completed reading this Voltaire classic. Of course, if I would have seen this review two months ago, I would have had no interest. Indeed, I would have had no idea what (or who) "Candide" even was. Since I now have a cursory knowledge of "Candide", this show interests me. I remember reading in my encyclopedia that "Candide" had been adapted into an operetta by Leonard Bernstein. The PBS show, courtesy of the Great Performances franchise, is based off of the Bernstein operetta.

Since I missed the original airing of the show at 7 PM, it forced me to relearn how to program my VCR. It was actually quite simple. Now, I've got the VCR set to program the 12:30 AM airing. Programming the VCR reminded me of when I was a kid, and when I used to be the technical expert of the family. I guess that I still am the technical expert of the family, but that isn't saying too much considering my family. Anyway, I used to have mastery over the consumer electronic gadgets at our house. It was a challenge to learn how to operate things, and fun.

Update: 1/13/05; My VCR timer worked. Most notably, there was no "user errror" involved in getting it to work properly. I watched the first act of "Candide" tonight. It was about as entertaining as I thought it would be. Watching musical theater on TV just doesn't do it justice. However, I had a particular interest in watching this production since I have recently read the book. Also, I have an interest in learning more about musical theater, and I thought this would be a good exercise. It was interesting enough that I will try to watch the other acts when I have time.


Sharon Jo said…
What? I am not a technical expert? How you underrate me! :) SJV

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