Steelers Talk

I told myself that I was not going to read much commentary this week leading up to the Steelers/Patriots AFC Championship game, but I can't resist. It's reminicent of the addiction I had to political blogs during the run-up to the election. Although I think the Steelers will respond better as underdogs than they would as favorites, I am surprised at the negative press they've been getting in general, and the small chance they are being given by most pundits of winning on Sunday. Let's not forget the Steelers do have some advantages:

They are playing at home, where they have not lost this year.
Indeed, they have only lost ONE game this year.
Position by position, they match up well with N.E. I think they have a physical advantage at most positions.
Dick LeBeau has historic success against N.E.'s type of offense.

There is a certain mystique that seems to surround N.E., and after winning two out of three Super Bowls with last second field goals, and then posting a 14-2 regular season record this year, they've earned it. However, mystique does not win football games. Remember, there was mystique surrounding the Colts prior to this past weekend.

I am confident that the Steelers will win this weekend. Maybe it is because I've watched them all year, as I have for the past 10 years, and this team is the most complete package that I've ever seen. Believe it or not, their weakest position player may be Roethisberger, and, to say the least, he is not bad.

If the Steelers win this weekend, I imagine that they will be favorites over the NFC champion, as would the Patriots if they win. Like I said, I think the Steelers play better as underdogs, so I would hope that they are not heavy favorites. But, I will wait to cross that bridge....


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