Yahoo! News - Steelers QB Gives $18,000 to Tsunami Aid

Yahoo! News - Steelers QB Gives $18,000 to Tsunami Aid

Ben Roethisberger is the genuine article. This guy has class, and he plays for an organization that is the epitome of class in the NFL. I, like many fans, can become 'fair weather' during times of poor play, but I am always impressed by the way that the Rooney family runs the Steeler organization, and how they contribute to the city of Pittsburgh. Roethisberger's action is an awesome indicator of his character, which translates to his leadership on the field. I'm sure that this donation will receive plenty of publicity over the coming week, and I'm sure some will cynically observe that, among other things, $18K is a paltry amount to a millionaire (or soon to be) quarterback. Still, I haven't seen any other quarterbacks step forward with the same proposal, yet. Some will likely see it as a calculated action to bring publicity to himself. Such is the cynicism of the sports world and its fans. At the risk of looking through rose colored glasses, I do believe the donation to be in good faith. Characteristically, Roethisberger leads through his actions, and this action is a further example of that. He is unselfconscious about his behavior, and is the polar opposite of false modesty. In fact, Roethisberger directly stated that he hopes his action becomes a challenge to other NFL players, and he did not take credit for originating the idea, but instead insisted that he got the idea from NBA players. Anyway, the press is going to love this action, and Roethisberger's "stock" is indeed likely to rise even higher than it already is. Good for him. I'm glad he is a Steeler, but even if he was a Cowboy I think I would have to admire this guy. I know one thing for sure: when it comes to an NFL role model, I hope my son follows the example of Ben Roethisberger rather than Randy Moss.


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