All Jacked Up!!

A few months ago, Sharon and I were dejected when a local radio station featuring our favorite morning show went dark. It was replaced with something that was calling itself The Jack. We kept listening to see if the d.j.s that we liked would come back. They didn't. However, we began to like the station because of the great music it was playing, even though it didn't have any d.j.s (sometimes that's not a bad thing!).

Now, Jack FM is on its feet in Kansas City. While I dislike the name of the station and I think its advertising jingles about itself are sophmoric, I've come to the conclusion that:

Jack FM rocks the f*ck out!!!! I'm losing touch with world events because I now listen to Jack FM more than NPR on my way to work every morning.

I noticed today on the Internet that Jack FM in Kansas City is only a local affiliate of a broader initiative. I say, keep up the great music!!


Mel said…
I too am ALL about the Jack FM. Love that they can go from KISS to Madonna to Billy Joel to Culture Club. While I get my daily dose of Morning Edition, Marketplace and ATC, Jack is definitely a great music place.

FYI - Truda is now on the Planet and Nicky is on Star 102.

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