Buffalo News - Politicians better with less baggage

Buffalo News - Politicians better with less baggage

This article from the Buffalo News, which Jaq links to for a different reason, reminds me of the controversy over the question of whether Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and start a family.

I have long been of the opinion that single priests are better able to serve their congregation. This is especially true in the Catholic faith, where confession is one of the 7 sacrements. I would be less inclined to confess my sins to a priest if I knew that priest would go home and likely spill the beans to his wife. After all, what husband doesn't keep workplace gossip from his wife. I understand the shortage of priests, and I am acutely aware of the alleged linkage between the prohibition of priestly marriage and the hideous sexual abuse by priests. However, I don't think the solution to these real problems is allowing priests to marry. Becoming a priest is a difficult choice that requires a huge sacrifice. For lack of a better term, I think that is a good "screening" process for having priests that really want to be in the priesthood.

The Buffalo News column extends the notion to the world of secular politics, if only in a partial serious manner. Needless to say, I don't think there should be a requirement one way or the other for political hopefuls and families. However, it does make one wonder why such value is placed on the fact that politicians have families. Why is not having a family (wife & kids) viewed as so taboo? I don't think that it should be. Some people should definitely not have families, and I can think of many examples of politicians that have had failed families. For some reason, even failed families seem to be viewed as more wholesome than no family at all. It's like the voters (generally, as a whole) are saying that if you don't have a family you must be an ugly, self-serving, antisociety person that is not able to find a mate and create offspring. That's balderdash!


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