Information Overload

I've been spending some time lately reading about concentration research. I'm trying to find some concrete steps I can take to increase my awareness and consciousness. Too often, I feel like I am not comprehending what I am reading or that I quickly forget what I've experienced through my senses. Part of this is my difficulty in determining what is relevant to take in, and what should be quickly passed over. I have an almost compulsive desire to read every single word on every single page of every single document that I come across. No wonder that I think of myself as scatter-brained. I'm hoping to learn some techniques to improve my concentration and memory. I know that there are no quick fixes for these type of improvements. It's like trying to get my body in good shape. In fact, it is an extension of getting my body in shape. For me, blogs are somewhat of a double-edged sword: while they are a source of interesting information and they help me to organize my thoughts by writing and commenting, they also become quickly overwhelming and difficult to prioritize.


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