A list of things in my wallet....

I am often accused of having a George Costanza type wallet, where the seams come ripping apart as I try to stuff it into my back pocket. I thought this would be a fun blog entry, and also a good way to thin out my wallet. I've been on a "clean-sweep" rampage lately, trying to thin out the extra "things" in my life in an effort to be more simplified. My wallet contents, on 2/3/05 (things in bold I am throwing away):

  • My Bank of America debit card
  • My Missouri Driver License
  • My entertainment book membership card, valid through Nov. 1 2005
  • My Lumenos Health Care Insurance card for 2005
  • My Blockbuster Rewards card
  • An entertainment book membership card, valid through Nov. 1 2004
  • My Sears card
  • My Community Blood Center card (I'm O+)
  • My State of Iowa Hunter Education Certificate (issued on 10/25/84!)
  • A United Wat Caring Club member card, valid through 12/31/04
  • My Mid-Continent Public Library card
  • A picture of Dominic from the day of Todd Smith's wedding
  • My social security card
  • A picture of Pappy in front of a captured German plane, taken in Germany in 1945.
  • My AMC Movie Watcher card
  • My Rockhurst University student ID card
  • A Best Buy reward zone card (expired, I believe)
  • My Lumenos Health Plan Insurance card from 2004
  • My Ameristar Casino Star Awards card
  • My Argosy Casino Preferred card
  • My Harrah's Casino Total Rewards Gold card (you'd think I was a regular gambler!)
  • My 2004 Missouri fishing permit (expires 2/28/05)
  • My Trout Unlimited membership card (valid through 1/31/05)
  • A Sprint salesman's business card
  • A Sprint PCS business card with customer service phone numbers
  • A frequent drinker card from The Friendly Bean with 3/6 stamps
  • A frequent haircut card from Supercuts with 2/8 stamps
  • A gift certificate from The Friendly Bean with .12 left on it.
  • A business card from a business teacher at BVNW high school, whom I observed in the fall.
  • A frequent pizza card from Papa Murphey's with 1/12 stamps
  • An admit 4 card for Stanford and Sons Comedy Club for a show in November 2004
  • A frequent drink card from Borders cafe with 10/10 stamps!
  • A Notre Dame de Paris prayer card with a JPII prayer on the back to Notre Dame of Paris
  • A list I put together circa 1996 of 22 things I want to do before I die
  • A reminder card for a dental appointment for March 30, don't know the year.
  • A frequent drink card from Homer's Coffee House with 7/9 stamps.
  • Another supercuts frequent haircut card with 6/8 stamps.
  • A pizza hut buffet punch card with 1/5 stamps (for the restaurant on Armour Rd.)
  • A Mastercuts frequent haircut card with 2/10 stamps.
  • A Godfather's Pizza free lunch club card, with 4/6 stamps.
  • A business card for Nostalgiaville USA
  • My voter ID card
  • A Border's kid section card with 3/12 stamps
  • A Planet Sub card with 1/9 stamps
  • Another Border's frequent drink card with 1/10 stamps
  • A Mr. Goodcents centsable club card with 2/9 stamps
  • A prescription for a pain medication for gout that I have never filled (issued 7/30/04)
  • 2 K-Mart pharmacy receipts to submit to Sprint's HC reimbursement account
  • A Bank of America deposit receipt
  • A 20 peso bill from Mexico
  • A Bank of America currency conversion receipt
  • $125 in cold, hard, American cash!! :)

Actually, my wallet does not contain as many unnecessary items as I thought it would. I have a lot of punch-cards that I forget about when I'm actually in the restaurants/stores. I ended up throwing out a lot less than I figured I would throw out, and I think most of the stuff I carry with me is relatively necessary. Some stuff I carry for sentimental reasons, but not much. In any case, a good exercise.


Sharon Jo said…
Honey, that was a pretty darn big list! All of those darn punch cards take up a lot of room, but yet they can save you money. It'd be nice if the restaurants could keep track for you instead of issuing cards. Proud of you for trying to purge--isn't it freeing?
Clean Sweep the year 2005!!! SJV
Mel said…
Ok, I DO totally like this idea, and will probably copy it, as I'm not feeling so creative, or motivated in my own blog these days. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I don't have to invent everything cool myself!

First, let me say that you need a man purse. It's a wonder your pockets have not ripped free from your pants! YIKES! Plus doesn't sitting on that big HUNK make you even the least bit uncomfortable??

I dontated blood Tuesday, and your donor card reminded me that they are in DESPERATE need of yours! If you're ripe that is.

Second, I will say that outside of the HUGE chunk of cash you're carrying around, I probably have just as much stuff in my wallet. I am sure I drive the people in line behind me NUTS by making them wait while I dig out the appropriate frequent punch card. I did try leaving most of them in the car for a while, so they were at least closer than if they were at home, but then I would forget to take them in the store. So I do use them, but it is an awful lot to carry around. Of course, that's who I am, carrier of many things.

It's kinda like the whole coupon thing. Is it worth it for all the time you take clipping and sorting? May be something to re-evaluate.

Glad you're all home!
Anonymous said…
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doc said…
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