Pasquarelli: Marino a true Pittsburgh Guy - NFL - Pasquarelli: Pittsburgh Guy

Damn, why couldn't the Steelers have drafted Marino??!! The 80s would have been a fun decade for Steelers fans if they had. Instead, it is a gap between great Steeler runs in the 70s and 90s, where we had such quarterbacks as Cliff Stout, Mark Malone and Bubby Brister. Marino would have fit the Steelers perfectly. He is a gritty warrior, and more in tune with his blue collar hometown than he is with preppy Miami. Of course, he is a Dolphin, and always will be. But, Steelers fans can't help wondering what if??!! It was fun watching Marino on CBS while the Steelers were playing well this year. Danny still has an obvious affinity for his hometown.

Congratulations, Dan. Instead of being a Steeler, you drove Steelers fans nuts for over a decade.


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