Pope Makes Surprise Appearance at Window

Yahoo! News - Pope Makes Surprise Appearance at Window

There are many diverse opinions regarding Pope John Paul II. I am in the camp of his most ardent admirers. Especially during this time of his extreme physical suffering, he is still leading by example. For me, his actions are and always have been an inspiration. I'm praying for him.


Sean said…
i, too, admire and hope the best for the Pope.

however, i think he should retire/resign. it's obvious to me that he can't carry out his duties well. 'life appointments' were from an age when people died young. now that we live longer, way must be made for younger people when older people cease to function at a high enough level.

how about a Pontiff Emeritus? John Paul could do great, inspiring things in the days he has remaining without the burden of leading the Catholic Church. what a good idea! (if i do say so myself.)
Mel said…
I agreed with Sean until I heard a story on the subject on NPR over the weekend. As there have never been two living Popes at the same time, many in the church fear a schism due to divided loyalties. While I have MANY issues with the Catholic church, as a lifelong Catholic I take comfort in the overall unity of the church family.

And excuse my ignorance (because I honestly don't know) but what is it the Pope did that he can no longer do??? I'm sure I'm missing big important tasks here, but I really don't know.

On a side note, it was also stated that JPII is the first Pope to be hospitalized, let alone as many times as he has. And I'm sure there's some pressure to NOT be the Pope who couldn't stick it out until he died.
Iggy said…
The Pope is no doubt aware that only one Pope has ever resigned (Celestine I), and that became kind of scandalous. So he doesn't want to set any such precedent.

As a liberal Episcopalian, I usually disagree with JPII, but the man has my profound respect, and I too am praying for him.
Eric said…
I'm going to weigh back in on this topic for a moment. I've enjoyed reading the different opinions of others. Thanks to those who have commented!

I agree and disagree with portions of what everyone has said. Ha! Such is life.

I hate to say unequivocally that the Pope should not resign, because if he feels he cannot serve the church in any capacity, I think he should do so. However, I support his decision to remain Pope if he so chooses. Personally, I draw inspiration from his suffering and perserverence.

I grew up Catholic, almost quit the church, but remained and still consider myself a Catholic. I, too, disagree or misunderstand a lot of the church's policies, and specifically some of the Pope's positions. However, on balance, what I've read from and about the Pope makes a lot more sense than what I've read from other theologians. He is obviously an extremely learned man, and he somehow has a way of making even positions that I vehemently disagree with seem less threatening. I definitely am not concerned about him not being able to carry out his "day-to-day" duties (as if he had any--that is what the Roman Curia takes care of). I think that by him remaining Pope he can be a witness to the suffering of Christ in the most spiritual sense. Overall, I think that is why I hope he remains Pope, not so that he can publish any new insightful encyclicals or destroy terrorism or anything dramatic like that. I mean here is a guy that has lived through a Nazi occupation, served his church "illegally" underground, lived under the weight of Soviet style communism, survived a would-be assasains bullet and managed to still inspire millions of people across religious and political spectrums. I think that kind of individual is too invaluable to the world as this point in history.

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