U.S. Citizens Denied Access to a Speech By Their Presdient

Via Jaq, via Oliver Willis....

This story makes my skin crawl. Not only are the citizens denied tickets, but nobody in charge seems to know anything about a "list". Yeah, right. The Bushies have been controlling access to their man for years, because he can't take criticism. Sad. The one bright spot of this story is that what once would have been reported in only the local news now can travel around the world to millions of people, thanks to dedicated bloggers. Bloggers of the world unite!!


tjirwin said…
Note that this is a practice not limited to the current administration or even to the GOP. The policy of restricting opposition and/or those with alternate views access to one's candidate is universal to politicians. This is the only way they can ensure that the crowds shown on the evening news are all cheering and waving signs for the "correct" candidate. Is it right…no, but they all do it. The conservatives spent eight years complaining that Clinton's (and Gore’s) aides did the same thing and now the shoe is on the other foot! The point is that this is systemic to all politicians and is likely not limited to “Bushies” or “Clintonites”. I must say I find great humor in the fact that regardless of view (conservative, liberal, green, etc) the other guys are always wrong.
Eric said…
Point well taken. In my growing disgust of the Bush administration's policies, I sometimes go overboard with generalizations. I agree that it always seems that the "other guy" is wrong in the arena of politics. In this ugly profession, hypocricy knows no bounds. Contradictions abound. What is funny is that eventually entire parties switch sides on issues because they are so interested in attacking the other side they subvert their own principles in order to attack. Lest anyone think that I hold no criticism for the Democratic party, or other politicians besides Bush, let me assert that I have generally been unhappy with every administration since I have been old enough to pay attention. I have an uneasy feeling that this is not going to change with a new president, no matter from which party.
Eric said…
I had one last thought on this subject (for now): I think it would be/was o.k. for any candidate to control the access of crowds to a campaign rally. In effect, the campaigns are paying for these rallies (I think), and they should be able to decide who is at the gatherings. It is the official "state" visits by a president that I believe should be made available to everyone equally, regardless of their political views. When a president is campaigning for an issue, it is a fuzzy area. I guess the litmus should be who foots the bill for the event. If the event is being paid by the taxpayers, then there should be equal access. If it is being paid by a campaign fund, the let them bring whoever the hell they want.

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