Viewing a nebula


Earlier tonight, Sharon, Dominic and I visited William Jewel's observatory to view a nebula within the Orion constellation. None of us know much about astronomy. I think a nebula has roughly something to do with the birth of stars, stardust, etc.

It was something different to do on a Friday evening. The sky was clear, so many starts were visible to the naked eye. I thought seeing the stars through the telescope was rather anticlimactic, but looking through a big telescope in an observatory was cool. After looking through the telescope, we were able to walk around outside on a deck where we had a nice view of the Kansas City metropolitan area on a clear night.

On our way out of the building, as a bonus, we found some displays, including a 4 foot long bull snake, an iguana and the skeleton of a horse. The iguana and the snake were moving around in their cages quite actively. It was fun to watch them.


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