Barry Goldwater meets Jerry Falwell

The debacle of Terri Schiavo's case ending up in the federal courts via federal legislation brings further to light a long emerging trend in "conservative" politics. All of the sudden, the left is on the side of "states rights" and the right is on the side of federalsim. Over time, this is how the platforms and positions of political parties change entirely.

The problem with political parties is that they become entities to which people become blindly devoted,--as if their party can never be wrong. Many folks are willing to sacrifice their own ideals before attacking the sanctity of their party. However, political parties are merely organizations of people, and let's not forget that people (yes, all people) are flawed. While parties may be the best system yet developed to give voice to those that would otherwise be marginalized, they also become magnets and cesspools of corruption.

I remember reading about how vehemently John Adams and George Washington opposed political parties. I can understand why.


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