Inspirational Barnett

Beyond my fascination with Barnett's political thinking and commentary is a deep appreciation of his productivity. Simply put, this is a guy who gets things done. It's interesting to read, in his own words, the description of his daily workload. I am dumbfounded at how he balances all of his tasks and still has time for his family. He obviously is grounded well in his priorities. Perhaps he is one of those individuals with a gift of intense concentration that can switch back and forth between tasks without allowing distractions to knock him off track. He is quite obviously intelligent. I know that he has a webmaster, and even his own proof-reader (Hi Sean), but he still finds the time to write, in detail, about his daily tasks. His readers are the beneficiaries of such learned industriousness.


Sean said…
yo, Eric!

and don't you know that any time you write the words Get Things Done or any variation thereof you have to (tm) them so that David Allen and his cult will get their cut?!

but back to what you said: Tom's driven, too, aye?

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