More thoughts about JPII

Yahoo! News - Report: Pope Not Doing Well on Medication

I have posted several times on this topic because it is a matter about which I feel deep convictions:

While controversy continues to rage within and outside of the Catholic Church over the question of whether or not the Pope should resign, I personally view his suffering as an act of service, faith and love. I am, in fact, inspired by his courage to remain in his office despite his maladies. While the position of the pope is undoubtedly political, it is not primarily a political position. Catholics believe that the Pope is serving in the office of Peter, the rock of the church. His duties are administrative, but I believe moreso, spiritual. His suffering becomes all the more powerful an example during Holy Week. It's a good thing Jesus didn't succumb to those calling for his resignation during his trials when he felt abandoned even by God. The Pope's example of persaveranceand suffering are a powerful example to me to live my vocation no matter the cost.


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