Ann Coulter??!!??

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Ann Coulter on the cover of Time this past week. I promptly threw the magazine directly in the trash can. I've been disappointed with Time over the past year anyway, and putting Agonizing Ann on the cover cemented my decision to avoid the magazine in the future. Why not just put Michael Savage or Michael Moore on the cover? I don't mind seeing controversial figures on the cover of time, or even evil figures. However, when controversial figures that are controversial in such an annoying manner as Coulter begin to make the cover of national magazines----ugh!! There is nothing interesting about someone who is obnoxious for the simple purpose of gaining and maintaining recognition. Good riddance to Time magazine in my household!


Anonymous said…
Check the Jul. 12, 2004 issue of Time for Michael Moore. If Savage ever shows up on the cover of Time, shoot me.

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