Health & Fitness Progress Report

It is now the beginning of April. We have witnessed one-quarter of the year 2005 sneak into history. I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on my ongoing and never-ending resolution to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

I've made considerable progress since this post in February, especially on the fitness front. Unfortunately, my dietary habits leave much to be desired. While I've gone through a few isolated periods of following the Weight Watchers plan and even attended a few of the meetings, my body weight has been creeping northward.

My goal is to weigh 200 lbs by the time our new son arrives, tentatively scheduled around the latter half of July. The problem is, I made this my goal when I weighed about 225 a few months ago. Now, I weigh about 240 lbs, with only 3 months to go until our new bundle of joy arrives. I still think that I can do it, but I've got to get serious about eating better.

As noted, my gym attendance and other activity has been good. At the gym, I've been doing a weight workout that I found in Men's Health. It consists of supersets, and they are tough! The workout is a four week plan, and I'm in the fourth week without missing a single workout. I've also been running outside and using the rowing machine and treadmill at the gym. No question I'm burning a zillion calories, but I keep piling them into my pie hole as well. I guess the positive way to look at this is that I would be ballooning out to unseemly proportions if I wasn't at least exercising. The negative way of looking at it, which I tend to gravitate toward, is: I'm wasting all of this exercise because I'm not eating properly.

Of course, underlying my goal of losing weight is my hope of retaining my generally good health. I've got diabetes running rampant in my family, and I need to do all I can to ward it off. Also, I'm well aware of the other physical and emotional benefits of diet and exercise.

This weekend I'm running in another 5K race--this time in Leavenworth, KS. The race course weaves through the historic Leavenworth military prison. Interesting. I've lived in KC for over 6 years, but I think I've been to Leavenworth only once. In any case, I hope to run a good race. I'll visualize one of the prisoners chasing me--maybe that will help me run faster. My running times haven't been that great lately. I'm looking for a time of under 30 minutes. I can do this consistently on the treadmill, but it is harder outside.


Anonymous said…
good job on the exercise, and good luck with the eating right. it's dang hard...

Sharon Jo said…
Good luck, you know I'm behind you all the way. I of course am gaining too much with baby, so dr's orders from today are to walk 1/2 hour every night, and that is the plan I am going to stick with. We also must stick to our menu we planned out last night. You can do it!!!
Anonymous said…
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