Military confusion

I've never been able to keep military rank straight, and after reviewing this entry from, I understand why. It's confusing! The different armed forces have different terminology, not to mention the different terminology used from country to country, or from era to era. I've read my share of military fiction, and I still can't keep straight who ranks above who in a military chain of command. About all I know for sure is a general is at the top and a private is at the bottom. Anyway, I think this "cheat sheet" from will help me out. I'm currently reading Heller's Catch-22, and I'm having a difficult time with the various military ranks of the characters.


Sean said…
to say nothing of the fact that a naval officer wfo commands a ship, while being in rank, say, a Commander, is called 'Captain' at sea and by his/her crew ;-)

what i really can't keep straight are the units and their relationships to one another:

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