The Death of Spot

Yesterday was a sad day in our household. Spot, our pet snake of 1.5 days, was found dead, sprawled out in the driveway, halfway inside of a crack. We were brave and did not shed a single tear. It appears that someone (Melissa?) tried to free Spot out of his bucket-home. When I arrived home from work yesterday, the bucket was tipped over in the grass, but Spot was in the middle of the driveway. At that time, it still appeared that he had some life left in him. However, when Sharon and Dominic got home about an hour later, they gave him the "kick" test, and he had by that time quite clearly "kicked the bucket." I asked Dominic if he would like to bury him, and he declined. So, now Spot lays lifeless in the middle of our driveway, drying out like a worm. I anticipate one of the growing number of cats in our neighborhood to eventually make off with Spot. We can only hope.


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