The Friendly Bean

Late last year, a coffee shop opened for business along my route to work. I knew of its opening because one of Sharon's scrapbook buddies happens to be the owner, along with her husband. Since I first stepped into The Friendly Bean for a hot cappaccino on a cold December day, I've become somewhat of a regular. I like good coffee. I like nice people. I like a cozy atmosphere. The Friendly Bean combines these qualities with distinction.

John and Linda have become friends of mine, along with the other employees that round out The Friendly Bean team.

The Friendly Bean has added music and other entertainment to its offerings. Linda is a great storyteller! To my disappointment, I haven't been able to make it to a musical show yet. Linda has also talked of a book discussion club, of which I would be first in line to sign up as a participant.

The Friendly Bean is a quaint coffeeshop that was literally transformed. It used to be a BBQ restaurant, and judging from the pictures in the scrapbook that Linda has masterfully assembled, could probably be better described as a BBQ pit. It is now a lovely, intimate and delicious coffee house that can boast its own roasted beans, beautiful artwork, free wireless Internet and even a drive-through window! I have never utilized the drive-through window because I like to go in to visit. However, I think it is a novel and excellent idea for a coffeeshop.

I admire John and Linda for their entrepreneurial spirit and their courage to follow their dream. I wish them all the luck in the world and look forward to being a longtime customer.

(I don't think The Friendly Bean has its own website. At least not at this time. I'm not sure if they plan to create one or not. However, I will be sure to include a link to it if it appears on the WWW.)


Sean said…
did you know my wife scrapbooks, too? we are one.

not its own website, but a few hits:

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