I'm still here....

I haven't been able to post much lately. That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about things. Some quick reflections and factoids from my currently busy life:

  • Sharon and I watched The Village on Saturday, after having it in our possession from the movie store for about 2 months. Thankfully, we have the deal where no late fees are charged. I thought the movie was entertaining--I know it got bad reviews for the most part.
  • Sharon and I both feel like we are getting sick--mostly sore throats. That stinks! The weather in KC has been downright lowsy.
  • I'm trying to put together a camping trip with grandma Judy and pap-pap Giz over the memorial day weekend. I'd like to be able to use their pop-up camper, if we can get it working. It hasn't been used in over a decade.
  • What's with all the hoopla over Laura Bush's jokes? Big deal!
  • Although I'm inclined to impulsively distrust anything the Bush administration proposes, I liked the idea of "progressive indexing" of social security--or, whatever the official terminology is for skewing the benefits away from the rich and toward the poor. My view, as I've stated many times before, is that social security is not for the wealthy, or even necessarily the middle class. I am certainly not counting on it. It needs to be there for the poor and destitute who have not had an opportunity to take their place in the "ownership" society. It's harder to own when you have to earn----possible, but harder.
  • Of all the tax changes and cuts that have taken place during the Bush reign, the one that upsets me the most is the "estate tax." This tax, which is mislabelled a "death tax" for political purposes, serves the purpose of redistributing concentrated wealth. I think it is vital and necessarily moral for a republic to heavily tax inheritances.
  • I've started to weigh myself on a regular basis again.
  • Dominic and Sharon found a snake at the park and brought it home. Dominic named it "Spot". It's been sitting in a 5-gal. bucket in our driveway for the past two days. Given the frosting temperatures we've had, I can't believe it is still alive.
  • We ate at Dominic's Pizza and Pasta last night. It was good.


Mel said…
I'm sorry that you're all getting sickly. It's supposed to be 70 by the end of this week so maybe that will help!

I must say I am quite disturbed by the snake in the bucket in your driveway. I'm not that big a fan of snakes to be sure, but I feel like if you're gonna try to keep it, you need to make it a home. Are you guys feeding it? Otherwise, set it free out in the back. Or maybe the adults can see to it that the snake escapes? I may be motiviated to do a driveby snake-knapping now...
Sean said…
been wondering where you were. welcome back...

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