Isaac, Dante, Garrett??

These are a few of the names that are at the top of our list for our new baby, scheduled to arrive circa. July 23. Sharon created the attached survey so that we could gather naming opinions. I invite all that happen by Streams of Consciousness to take a moment to vote, or leave additional suggestions in the comments of this post. Thanks!!

Isaac, Dante, Garrett??


Sean said…
wonder of wonders: i don't have an opinion on this. but i wanted to let you know i thought about it.
Mel said…
I am torn between Garrett and Benjamin. Benjamin has more nick name options for me. Then you would have Domi and Beni. =) Plus I just like Ben. =) Do you think you'll decide before the baby's born? I think you need to see him first. Or maybe talk to him about it - see what he thinks. =)
tjirwin said…
I didn't see Shaq!

Think about it Shaq Archie Vajentic.....Shaq-A-Jentic.
Sharon Jo said…
tjirwin: that rocks, bro!
Mel said…
So, um, Todd, you should keep that name for your OWN children. Maybe name all your daughters Shaq.

And SharonJo - you are OBVIOUSLY having some sort of crazy hormone imbalance and SHOULD NOT even THINK about naming your child right now.
Mel said…
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