A right of passage

I know Sean and Jaq will appreciate this, along with countless others that have never had the pleasure of wading through Streams of Consciousness:

This past weekend my five-year-old son Dominic watched Star Wars in its entirety. It took us two days and endless Q & A, but by Sunday evening, Dominic was ready to learn the ways of The Force. I'm proud, and a little surprised, at how well he grasped some of the themes of the movie. I was a little older when Star Wars first bursted onto the scene, and I don't remember understanding or caring about any theme of dark vs. light, good vs. evil, redemption, etc. At that point, I simply enjoyed stuff flying through space and blowing apart. I believe this was the first full length non-animated film that Dominic ever watched from beginning to end. He is already asking questions that are explored in the rest of the films, so I can't wait to show them to him. Unfortunately, he became a little scared of the sand creatures a few nights ago, so he is a little apprehensive about watching any more or reading any of the books I got from the library. I'm hoping that this fear passes quickly. I'd like to be able to take him to Revenge of the Sith next month. He is excited about getting Daddy's old toys down from the attic the next time we visit Iowa. We confirmed last night with Grandma Judy that the Millennium Falcon still sits in the attic. It's hard to tell what else is there, and what has been disposed of through garage sales over the years. I'm not nearly as fanatical about Star-Wars as some die hard fans, but I do place the films up there toward the top of my list, and watching them always brings on a feeling of nostalgia. I have multiple flash-memories of childhood that revolve around Star Wars (i.e. drive-ins, playing in my basement, etc.) These are all fond memories, and it is nice to experience them anew with my son.

As Yoda might say, "Happy I am that my son the film did enjoy."


Sean said…
we're thinking 'Sith' is going to be too dark for the twins...
Eric said…
That's a good point, Sean. After reading some advance reviews, it looks kind of scary. Still, I can't wait!
Mel said…
So I have to admit that I've not seen any of the "new" Star Wars, but the last one has me intrigued. I'll probably rent the others, plus the originals to catch up.

I'm psyched that Domi made it through a non-animated movie! I keep telling Sharon we need to get Karate Kid for him to watch!

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