Out of the Darkness

One advantage of not having a large blog following is that I don't worry about disappointing people when I go two weeks without posting. I don't think I would have the mental stamina to maintain a site like kottke, even if I were as talented. Heck, I have trouble just keeping up reading blogs. Nevertheless, I enjoy blogging, mostly because it gives me a way to think critically about my own life and thoughts. It is a tool to help me achieve self-awareness, if nothing else.

Some present thoughts:

  • Saturday, I ran my longest race ever at the Hospital Hill run in downtown Kansas City. It was a 12K (a little over 7 miles for non-metric people such as myself.) It was definitely the furthest I've ever run at one time in my life. I think my previous record was 5 miles. My time was not all that great (about 88 minutes), but my goal was to finish without walking, and that I accomplished. The course had some hills, but hill don't bother me too much when I run.
  • Yesterday (Sunday) I had a good time hanging out with Dominic most of the day, and spending some quality time devoted especially to him. He woke me up about 9:00 wanting to play. We played with his science kit, went to church, caught a frog, went to a birthday party, went swimming, went to grandma Alice's for dinner and went fishing. It was a busy day, and he was not always happy with what we were planning to do (i.e. church and grandma's house), but he hung in there and we all had a pretty good time throughout the day. Dominic can be cranky and grumpy on the weekends, but then again, so can I. I'd like to have more days devoted especially to spending time with him, and not worrying about accomplishing other chores for myself.
  • I've had some major-leauge zits lately. Must be all the running and sweating. Or, it could be stress from work. Things have been a little bit crazy around here lately.


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