To a higher place...

I haven't been writing much lately, on my blog, or anywhere else for that matter. However, I have continued to regularly read blogs, particularly political blogs, and my two favorite "personal" blogs: Sean's and Jaq's.

I'm not sure if friendship is the right word, but I have developed a certain bond with the authors of various blogs. This is why, when I read Jaq's post yesterday about the passing of Quinn, I felt the emotion of getting "that phone call" in the middle of the night. It took me a day to compose my thoughts and leave him a comment, trying not to seem incincere or frivolous. In any case, my deepest prayers are offered to him and his family, as I once again have my own life thrown into perspective through the unfair experience of someone else. Reading through the comments left on Jaq's blog, it strikes me to think of how many people his son has touched with his courage and suffering. There are many different theories regarding the meaning of such misery, but one thing is for sure...the support, love and friendship embracing him now is a blessing. Kelly's writing, attitude and determination have positively influenced me, and for that I hope he can take some small satisfaction.


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