Snow Day and a Papal Biography

It snowed substantially for the first time this season today in Kansas City. As tired as I was after picking up the boys from day care at 6:30, I was glad to be able to go outside any play in the snow with Dominic. The snow was not wet, so it wasn't good for snowballs, snowforts, etc. However, we did some sledding down the road, and poked around the yars with shovels and sticks. Snow is fun when you are five. Then again, just about anything is fun when you are five and you are with your dad. I need to stay more conscious of that during the times that I become stressed from continually hearing "Daddy", "Come on, Dad", etc.

On an unrelated note, I caught the end of the CBS miniseries on Pope JPII. I though Jon Voight did a pretty good job of portrayal. The movie wasn't bad. It was what I would expect from a TV movie. Not very dramatic, but then again, I'm not sure I want a bunch of Hollywood style drama thrown into a movie about the pope (although, I hear rumors that is indeed what we may get via Mel Gibson.) At the end of the movie, I was nearly moved to tears again, as I felt some of the same emotions that I did back in April when the Pope was in his final days. It was an amazing send off for the Holy Father, tens of thousands of people gathered outside of his window in a deathly silence. Then, after the announcement to the crowd that the pope had entered the house of the Father, a significant moment of continued silence, and then loud applause across Vatican City. It is obvious to me that PJPII continues to inspire me.


Sean said…
there's not much better than having a son who loves you and wants to spend time with you. up to us dads to make good time for it and enjoy it.

(on the other hand, we can't let our children control out lives. for instance, their mother needs to be more important than them. the best gift a dad can give a child is to love their mother.)

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