2006 begins on a high note....

The Steelers clinched a wild care spot in the AFC playoffs today, earning a rematch, indeed a rubber-game, against division rival Cincinatti. The game is next Sunday afternoon. I think it will be a good game. Hopefully, the Steelers running game continues down the track it has been progressing the past few weeks, and the Bengals defense keeps giving up big runs. The teams split during the regular season. However, I thought our win in Cincinatti was more convincing than their win in Pittsburgh (come on, everyone wins the big games in Pittsburgh anymore :()

I'm way too emotionally involved to give an objective predection, but I have a premonition that the Steelers are going to send the Bengals packing early.

The Bengals are clearly going to be the sentimental favorites of most third party observers, since it has been a gazillion years since the've been in the playoffs. Oh well, it should keep the attention on them, and allow the Steelers to just take care of business.

By the way, Iowa plays Florida at 10 AM tomorrow morning. I better get to bed.....


Sean said…
congrats on the Steelers. they're certainly trending better than the Bengals.

and the Hawks are stinking, right now, as i type. blast! :-(

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