One of my ongoing resolutions, be it weekly, monthly or yearly, is to become better organized. By this, I mean both physical and mental organization. I've simply got too many things running through my head most days. It's very exhausting. I'd like to improve my focus and concentration, and become better at prioritizing things that I want to go after. There are a bunch of things I'd like to accomplish in 2006. However, I don't want to become so stressed-out about all of it that I effectively lock-up, and don't get any of it done. Sadly, this has been a common experience in years past. I'm cautiously optomistic with 2006. I've been thinking about all of this for a good while now.

In unrelated news, one of my specific resolutions/goals for the new year, and forever, is to become less self-conscious. This has become an increasing problem of mine over the past several years. There was a time when I thought I had this bug licked, but it crept back up on me. This is all interwoven with faith, which I seem to be in desperate need of these days also. In '06, my task is to start to put some of that puzzle back together.


Sean said…
i hear you on the organization. i can recommend David Allen's Getting Things Done as one way of looking at it. it has been helpful to me (though i don't do it religously).

i hear you on the self-consciousness, too. faith is the key, but sometimes hard to drum up. hear, i have had success with the radical humility found in AA/12-Step Recovery (though i don't think i have anything clinical). still, i don't usually embrace that humility (and the proprotional need for faith), and find myself struggling. wonder if i'll ever learn that lesson...

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