The Nanny

Today I had the opportunity to stay home with the boys for an entire work day. It was Sharon's last day of work, and my last day of vacation. Dominic (5) and Benny (5 months) were both well behaved throughout the day. But, it was tough work taking care of both of them. I simply cannot give as much attention to Dominic as he would like. I hate flopping him down in front of the TV, but that always seems like the quickest fix for me to be able to focus on feeding the baby, changing the diaper or getting him down for a nap. I seriously don't know if I would be able to do this on a daily basis. Today, I saw it as a type of challenge, and it was fun. I love spending time with both of my boys. But, man, the stress level runs high at times throughout the day. In my opinion, staying home to take care of kids is AS HARD as any job I've ever held, and likely HARDER than some of the jobs I've held. To all who can raise decent children--I salute you.

In any case, I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow.....and, that is something that you wouldn't see me write very often.


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