NFL Championship Sunday

I think that both games this weekend are excellent matchups. Denver and Pittsburgh seem to be about mirror images of each other (except that Denver cheats). Honestly, I can see either team winning, which is good news, I think, for playing a third road game in a row. I know many people wanted the New England / Indy matchup, but I thought that would be boring, not least because it would have had to have been played in a drab dome. Plus, given the way that Indy and New England played last weekend, I think we clearly have a more entertaining game on our hands with Denver/Pittsburgh. I have a good friend that is a Denver fan. I haven't called him yet, but I will before the week is over. I'm going to tell him that the Steelers gave the AFC title to Denver at Three Rivers back in '97 so that Elway could get his first ring. It is only fair that Denver return the favor so that The Bus can get his ring.

I am also giving the NFC teams a lot more credit than what they are getting in the mainstream press. I honestly think that each team remaining has about the same chance at becoming the eventual champion.

Good matchups. No nostaligia, just real good football. All teams playing well.

Instead of predicting who is going to win the AFC Championship (as if I could ever pick against the Steelers), I thought it would be more fun to predict the predictions. In other words, I'm going to guess how each of the analysts on the CBS pregame show will pick the game:

Shannon Sharpe: This is obvious. Once a Bronco, always a Bronco (unless you go to Baltimore to win another Super Bowl). In any case, he will pick Denver.

Boomer Esiason: Despite his kind words for Pittsburgh after the Indy game, Boomer, I think, is incapable of ever picking the Steelers due to his deep rooted Bengalian nature.

Dan Marino: Dapper Dan will go with his hometown boys-----Go Steelers!!


Eric said…
Just a note: I was wrong about Boomer. He picked the Steelers. Cool.

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