Partisan Politics

One of the most amusing byproducts of the current political climate is the complete changing of opinions and political philosophies. The hypocrisy is stunning. I'm quite sure this is taking place in both major political parties, as being in or out of power has a tendency to change views. I happen to notice it more on the Republican side because that is the party that is currently making me the most angry. I mean, really, can the Republican party honestly, with a straight face, call themselves conservative anymore? How about their "former" position of advocating for a small government, and opposing nation building. I have a lot of respect for true conservative principles, even though I don't agree with some of them. I especially liked the libertarian glow that the Republicans used to reflect. In my opinion, the current administration, in its power lust, has completely turned the Republican party on its head. I'm wondering if this is how major political tranformations take place, as in the shift when all of the racist bigots abandoned the Democratic party for the Republican party. Will the Republican party no longer be known as the conservative party? Or, will they be known as the party of fear and force, with a platform of "trust us, we will keep you safe." That, to me, is a damn scarry thought.


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