Wildcard Weekend

It's halfway over as I write this on Saturday night. As I expected, the Redskins and Pats both won. The Patriots are simply amazing. In a way, they are actually winning me over a little bit, meaning I don't abhor them like I previously have hated the Cowboys, 49ers and other dynasties. If the Steelers do not pull the miracle of winning three road playoff games and the Super Bowl, then I will be rooting for the Pats. I would definitely like to see Brady take down that cry baby Manning----again. I don't care if it is in the dome or not, I think the Pats would beat the Colts. However......

Let's hope they DON'T meet, because that would mean the Steelers would have lost. If the Steelers continue to win, the Pats and the Colts will not meet, and the Steelers could meet the Pats again in the AFC championship game--again. Who knows, anything can happen. Many people will think I'm crazy, but I do think the Colts are a little overrated in the media this year. I actually wathed a lot of their games, and their offense did not look great in several of them. Actually, the best game I saw Indy play all year was, unfortunately, against Pittsburgh on MNF.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not getting ahead of myself. I know tomorrow's game against Cinci will be tough. However, I do like our chances. Not only has Cinci not played well in their final two games, they didn't play particulary well in the last three out of four. If Cleveland could have held on against them a few weeks ago, the Steelers would have actually won the division. I have absolutely no fear playing on the road in Cinci. The place will be packed with Steelers fans, and the Steelers seem to not play their best ball lately at Hines field.

Steelers are all healthy, and experienced. I think they will win. I hope they will win, because Cinci is turning into one of the more cocky young upstarts in the league. T.J. Hidkleidcldodlck needs smacked around a little bit after desecrating the terrible towel after their last win in Pittsburgh.

One other thought:

Look, my opinion wavers on Cowher. I go back and forth. I've always maintained that he is a great motivator, and a good architect of a team and its talent. My worries always come during some of his game plans, and his stubborness in not adjusting to the flow of the game. That being said, the one thing I don'g criticize him for, even though almost everyone else of his critics do, is his failure to win the 'big one'. This simply does not carry any weight in my book. I've watched every single Steeler playoff game for the last 25 years. In none of the losses did I see a reason to blame the coach. I will admist I've blamed cower for losing regular season gamess, but never for a playoff game. He damn near pulled off an upset over the Cowboys in the super bowl by some brilliant and gutsy coaching. I like the guy personally, and I'd like to see him get a championship. That would likely make all the talk of him not being able to win the big one HISTORY. Let's remember, Tony Dungy has never won a super bowl either. He has lost Conference Championship games. When he was with the Bucs, they were perennial underachievrs. Yet, Dungy never gets criticized for not being about to win the big one. I think all of that talk is just plain silly.


Jaquandor said…
GAHHH! Don't succumb to the StuPats! Don't let them suck you in!
Sean said…
man, can't believe Jaq got here first. well he doesn't even have a FB post yet this week, so there! *sticks out tongue* ;-)

go Pats! (or Steelers ;-)

I don't find Manning to be the crybaby that you do, though i do fault his family for engineering the no San Diego/NYGiants draft day trade.

i don't think you're crazy. the Colts are far from a lock at this point, not least of all for the tragedy in Dungy's life and just a funky couple of weeks.

it is not possible to 'desecrate' the Terrible Towel. sheesh ;-)

that seems like a legitimate criticism of Cowher, but hold onto what you got in him and the Rooney's. it could be so much worse. your team could have been to the Bowl four times w/o ever tasting the Sup (like me and Jaq)!

and, dude, that post needs a little proofing... ;-)
Jaquandor said…
In defense of Cowher, this is when he's got the best quarterback he's had of his career. I don't think too many other coaches would have won tons of playoff games with Neil O'Donnell and Kordell Stewart!
Sean said…
that's a good point, Jaq

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