The BoDeans

Sharon and I snuck out for a few hours last night to catch a BoDeans concert at the VooDoo lounge at Harrah's Casino, in North Kansas City, MO. Grandma Alice was kind enough, and brave enough, to look after our two little tasmanian devils.

The concert exceeded my expectations. I had seen the BoDeans once before, probably 8 yeas ago, when they opened for Bon Jovi at an outdoor venue. I remember it being the coldest Fourth of July I had ever experienced. Bon Jovi was less than inspiring, and everyone was near frozen anyway, so most people just wanted to get the heck out of there. However, the BoDeans opening set made an impression on me. I thought the band had awesome melody, and just flowed together in a natural way. I'm no music expert, but from this music fan's ears, these guys had "it."

After that first concert, I picked up their most recently released album--Blend. I had bought a Blend t-shirt at the concert to try to warm up a little bit. The shirt is notorious because it looks like a bunch of sand dunes, but upon closer inspection, it becomes quite clear that the sand has morphed into practitioners of the horizontal limbo. Anyway, I really liked the album Blend, which had excellent vocals, interesting sonds, great meolodies and an overall fun-loving atmosphere. A few months later I purchased a live compilation titled "Joe Dirt Car." This introduced me to some of the BoDeans' older music, which I almost immediately appreciated. Uusually, even for bands I really like, it takes me a few listens through a song to decided whether or not I like it. Most BoDeans songs left me with a favorable impression right from the start.

Fast forward 8 years. I am now married with two wonderful sons. It is hard to go to concerts, especially concerts during the week. However, Grandma Alice came through with a yes for babysitting, and I was off to introduce Sharon to the BoDeans. My hope was that they would make the same impression on her as they did on me years earlier. We were not disappointed. The show was full of energy from the beginning to the end.


Sean said…
you've got a babysitter around? that must be nice! ;-)
Anonymous said…
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