Super Bowl Sunday

I have been spending most of my Internet time reading about the Steelers, so I haven't had much time to write my own analysis or opinions. I've run across some aswesome Steelers Blogs that I will add to my blogrole sometime, and will definitely keep them in my favorites folder.

As the clock wound down a few weeks ago in the AFC Championship game, and it became evident that the Steelers were going to go to the Super Bowl, I immediately began to wonder what I should do on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, my first choice, all other things being equal, would be to attend the game in Detroit, bask in the Super Bowl party atmosphere, and hopefully enjoy witnessing first hand a Super Bowl victory. Unfortunately, game tickets are going for about $2000 for upper deck tickets. I would consider paying $1000, since this would most likely be a once in a lifetime event, but $2000 is utterly ridiculous. The game is simply too popular. Furthermore, Detroit is too close to Pittsburgh. Fans are swarming on the Motor City, and the prices of the tickets have actually been increasing as we get closer to game day. So, attending in person was out.

Another thought that seriously crossed my mind was travelling to Pittsburgh to watch the game. Part of my love for the Steelers is not just about the team, but about the city of Pittsburgh itself. I would seriously enjoy watching the game in some no-name bar in downtown Pittsburgh, with blue collar workers and Iron City Beer. We almost decided to go this route, but logistical problems, such as taking the kids along, prevented us from following through with this plan.

We could, of course, watch the game at our house in Kansas City, like we have each of the playoff games. However, I want to be in Iowa with my family and friends. Ten years ago, the season after the Steelers were last in the Super Bowl, my parents ordered DirectTV so that we could watch all of the Steelers games at home. I was living in Iowa City at the time, but travelled home each Sunday to watch the game. My friends would come over, and sunday football at the Vajentic's soon became an institution unto itself. Over the years, it has grown to near holiday proportions. Unfortunately, living in Kansas City, I am only able to attend a few weeks each season. However, my friends from "back home" in Iowa still go to my parents house each Sunday, and they are happy to continue hosting them. A few years ago, my Dad got a big screen high definition TV (roughly 60 inches) for the family room. What better conditions to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl?

My Dad decided that it would be a good idea to have a pep-rally on Saturday night. I plan on bringing my terrible towels and other Steelers trinckets and good luck charms that we've been keeping on our TV during the playoffs. The party on Sunday will begin at noon. I will be parked in front of the TV for most of the weekend, watching pregame and other analysis. It will be an awesome, memorable weekend, especially if (when?) the Steelers win. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope we get to do it again next year!!

Go Steelers!!


Sean said…
the problem with ticket prices throughout the NFL is not popularity, strictly speaking. it's corporate, tax-sheltered, 'advertising' expenditures. take your client to the luxury box. write it off. part of me wishes for price controls. part of me knows 'it's not what you will pay, but what the market will bear...' it's weird to be such an NFL fan, subsidized by lots of stuff i'm not that into: new cars, beer, etc (now wine, that's different story ;-).

what was i rambling about?

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