Comin' At Ya Live.....From Montrose, Iowa

The family and I have descended upon the elder Vajentic clan in the hamlet of Montrose, Iowa for the next few days. Every once in awhile we have to get away from the big city of Kansas City.

==I brought 1776 with me to begin reading, inspired by Sean's historical posts. I'm looking forward to responding to some of what he dug up once I get a little ways into the book. I feel like I have a decent background schema, after reading McCullough's John Adams book. Also, I've fairly recently read some Jeff Shaara historical fiction books set in this time period. Bring on the revolution! (Uh, I hope the CIA is not monitoring this post :)


Sean said…
kickin it in Montrose. that's just how y'all roll ;-)

cool on the 1776. i look forward to some dialog.

i'd like to read some Jeff Shaara myself. got to get that on my reading list!
fjl said…
Could you please modify your blogname? Streams of consciousness is taken, I opened it in December. There is a copyright notice on my blog. You can call it 'erics streams of consciousness' or whatever, but I'm not happy about the identity being taken, thanks.
fjl said…
This will avoid me having to go through blogspot to the right department, thanks.

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