A Connecticut Yankee in King George's Court

Like many political junkies (which, I'm afraid, I've become), I've been fascinated by the defeat of Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary of Connecticut last week. 16-year veteran senators simply do not lose in their primaries very often. Both liberals and conservatives (and, I use those lables loosely, since they are applied with hostility by both sides) are claiming the result as a victory for their cause. The Republicans are trying to spread the line that the Democrats kick out the moderates of their party (how ironic is that?!). Democrates are claiming the result is a mandate against the Bush administration (as if he were that popular in Connecticut anyway). One thing is for sure. Since Lieberman has refused to drop-out, and the race has national attention, Connecticut is certainly going to witness a political bloodbath over the next few months. It should be interesting to watch, as new political alliances are formed, and old ones are broken. I think this is perhaps exactly what is needed in American politics. Let's shake up the status quo a little bit!


Sean said…
that's right: more shaking up! shake it up like the Cars! ;-)

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